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ATI System Applications

ATI Systems designs, builds and installs mass notification systems for Community, Campus, Industrial, and Military markets. Our high-performance products are used by colleges and universities, cities and towns, ports, refineries, nuclear power plants, military bases and other homeland security locations to maintain the safety of their operations.

ATI Systems Applications

  • County warning systems
  • Municipal public warning systems
  • Severe weather warning systems
  • Tsunami warning systems
  • Hurricane warning systems
  • Tornado warning systems
  • Earthquake notification systems
  • Fair-ground alert systems
  • Flood warning systems
  • National Weather Service (NWS) polygon systems
  • Industrial emergency alarm systems
  • Military bases giant voice and indoor voice systems
  • Campus and K-12 alert systems
  • Homeland security alert systems
  • Shipping port notification systems
  • Nuclear power plant notification and alert systems
  • Outdoor notification and siren systems
  • Emergency evacuation warning systems
  • Industrial public address and paging systems