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Communication Control Unit (CCU)

The ATI Communication Control Unit (CCU) is used to activate, monitor and control all system activities. It can be used as part of the ATI Control Station configuration or as a stand-alone unit. Initiating an activation, checking the systems status and conducting live PA broadcasts is simple through the front panel display.


Standard Features

  • Microprocessor controller
  • Conventional VHF or UHF radio
  • Front panel controls with LCD display
  • Internal power supply and battery backup
  • Antenna connector
  • Hand-held microphone for live PA broadcasts
  • Simple and compact design provides a convenient, fully functional two-way stand alone unit
  • Simple front panel controls allow the user to select the activation type and address (Total, Group or Individual)
  • LCD display guides the user through the necessary steps to activate the system and then displays the system status
  • Cancel function halts an alarm that is already in progress
  • Activates tone alerting, voice messaging and live PA
  • Standard VHF and UHF radio receives and transmits FSK, DTMF and Two Tone Sequential (TTS) data signals
  • Monitors and displays unsolicited alert messages from remote terminal units and sirens
  • Supports eight SPST relays and eight opto-coupler inputs to interface with external devices and four analog inputs
  • Message encryption and security coding prevent unauthorized system activations

Optional Features

  • Ability to interface to a conventional or trunking radio system, base station or leased line circuit
  • Multiple communication methods including Ethernet, fiber, wireless IP, twisted pair/phone line, cellular and satellite
  • Antenna surge protector
  • LED message sign interface
  • Mobile CCU upgrade
  • Supports up to eight external push buttons for one button activations

Spec Sheet (PDF)

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