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Control Station (CS)

The Control Station (CS) provides a centralized location for activating, controlling and monitoring all system equipment. The CS also has the ability to broadcast live public address, pre-recorded messages and siren tones. Each CS consists of a PC with the ATI Systems' Windows-based software and the REACT 4000 Communication Control Unit (CCU). The software provides an extremely user-friendly, graphics-based interface to display a detailed map of the county, facility, base or campus with color-coded icons to visually indicate the location and status of the sirens and remote units.


Standard Features

  • Microprocessor controller
  • Conventional VHF or UHF radio
  • Front panel control with LCD display
  • Internal power supply
  • Antenna connector
  • Hand-held microphone for live PA broadcasts
  • Desktop computer station
  • ATI Systems' customized software
  • Simple and compact design with user-friendly interface
  • Minimal training required
  • Manual and automatic tone alert, voice message or live PA activation, cancellation, testing and reporting of all system activities
  • Manual and automatic silent testing
  • Operates both outdoor and indoor alerting units
  • Activates single, group or system-wide tone alerts, voice messages or live PA
  • Configures the alert tone or voice message type, duration and number of cycles
  • Archive and print system activity reports
  • Monitors and displays unsolicited alert messages from remote sites
  • Standard VHF or UHF radio receives and transmits FSK data signals
  • Message encryption and security coding prevent unauthorized system activations
  • Supervises communication with additional CCUs for redundant activation points

Optional Features

  • Touch screen or flat screen monitor upgrade
  • Laser jet printer upgrade
  • Rack mount station upgrade
  • Customized maps within ATI Systems' software
  • Trunked radio upgrade
  • Flexible, redundant communication options including IP, Ethernet, twisted pair/phone line, cellular and satellite
  • Antenna surge protector
  • LED message sign or strobe light
  • Interfaces to pagers, weather stations, network and telephone alerting systems

Spec Sheet (PDF)

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