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Web Portal (WP)

Activate and Monitor Your Mass Notification System from any Web-Connected Device
The ATI Web Portal is an "anytime-anywhere access" solution for ATI's Mass Notification System (MNS). It provides the reliability, availability & security required for the MNS.

ATI's Web Portal provides all the MassAlert® features and functionality over the web to all kinds of client devices, enabling users to access the system from their smartphone, tablet or computer. The Web Portal can be installed on a local server or hosted in the cloud. Through a secure network, multiple sites/facilities can be integrated together, regardless of where they are located globally.


How It Works

The ATI Web Portal is remarkably easy to use. Simply log in from any web browser and have instant access to the Web Portal onsite or remotely. The Web Portal links to ATI's MassAlert server through secure and encrypted communication channels to provide complete control and monitoring of ATI's MNS. Once the user is authenticated, based on his/her authorization level, he/she can have access to any of the functions offered by MassAlert, for example:

  • Activating the system
  • Monitoring the current system status in real-time
  • Viewing the system reports
  • Manage user accounts

Standard Features

  • Secure Remote Web Access: Authorized operators can access the ATI MassAlert software safely and securely to remotely activate or configure the system
  • High Availability: MassAlert can be accessed 24/7 from any web browser using any network connected device (Smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.)
  • Geo-Targeted Alerting: Geographical map-based selection allowing for dynamically targeted alerting
  • Real-Time Two-Way Communication: Detailed system and equipment status views and activation reports are provided
  • User Friendly Interface Allowing for easy and instant activation of the system. Activate the entire area, a group of units, or individual units as defined by the user, either in pre-defined groups or on-the-fly selection
  • Instant system monitoring where color-coded icons are provided on a map view to reflect the status of the siren units in their actual location
  • Branding: The Web Portal can be branded using the organization's name, logo, colors & fonts
  • Internationalization & Localization: Allowing the Web Portal content to be offered in languages and formats tailored to the audience
  • Responsive Web Design: The Web Portal layout changes based on the screen size and orientation
  • Flexible Deployment Options:
    • On-premise: ATI Web Portal installed locally at the client site
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): ATI Web Portal installed at a remote hosting facility, speeding the deployment and eliminating the need for on-site hardware. This option ensures redundancy& high availability as well as enabling scalability

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